Sunday, 10 October 2010

GAVE AWAY for Free Adoption to 2 young polite & well behave boy & girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

PHOTOS of ' sing-sing' ( now known as 'JAMES' as I was told by the polite Malay young girl ) d male kitten slowly turn into an adult lovely cat......
NOTE : the MAIN reason to give away SOME cats apart from selling was simply because I had 19 persian longhair n semi longhair cats before that I bought from all around Brunei which used to play with me when I came back fr work especially after dinner with my wife.  NOW I do not have enough TIMES to look after them PROPERLY...SOME of them caught VIRUS long times ago  even the Doktor Haiwan & private VETs couldn't 'HELPED' some of my cats n I spent a lot of money to finally CURED them.........BEdosa sja karang terutamanya dalam keadaan ku masa ani kalau enda DAPAT memelihara dengan sempurna !!!BELIEF it Or NOT.........after the day when ALL my cats Gone, I was SO SO SO sad BUT next morning when I was about to go to work...Suddenly there is a stray cat in front of my main door BUT ran away when I opened the door............... UNTIL NOW D STRAY CAT NEVER GO AWAY ALTHOUGH I DO NOT FEED IT !!! D CAT STILL SLEEPING IN AND OUT MY CLASSIC CARssss THUS HELPED ME TO CATCH MICE/RATS THAT ALSO SLEEP IN AND OUT MY CARS !!!!!!!!!

Crossbreeding between persian longhair & semi longhair, MALE kitten, approx 8 months olds, birthday 25/2/2010

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