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***WOODLAND RISE - yang sebenarnya.......



NOTE : Woodland Rise was completed in very late 2001 with the stiff effort and shear determination from my own bloodyself by getting 'various bank loans" and OF COURSE with the help from my beloved MUM a lot and a little help before as well from my ex-wife financially. Consequently. it took me a few more months to get all the essential furnitures and other electrical appliances plus fencing....The TOTAL COST is approximately $200k plus plus ( including all furnitures, fencing, driveway,electrical appliances,etcs etcs...)

I was so damn excited at that time.i.e. early 2002 that so much so I had my FIRST Chinese New year in my OWN home finally while my ex-wife went back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia to celebrate the new year with her family and left me alone !!! BUT my MUM, elder Sisters, and  eldest sister-in-law and other members of my families ALL came to help me CAUSE I catered for the food BUT no waiter or waitress in order to save cost at that times cause there were almost 300 plus plus guests came to see my dream home and to celebrate the new year with me.... I did not distributed any INVITATIONS cards to estimate how many people were coming cause I ONLY spread the News by passing the message to friends and cousins/relatives ....tq very much Indeed to All of THEM that came !!!! Anyway,hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....(I PERSONALLY think it's worth laughing JUST for my ownself after all the HARD WORK that I had been through by putting my dream home in one final 'piece' and became a reality to JUST me lah.ehe3......)

..............Effort taken to design Woodland Rise ( measuring 90 ft by 56 ft ) by my ownself started in 1999 after i got married by buying lots & lots of western design home plan magazines/books and compiled all the designs DAY and NIGHT for front, sides and rear views including the lay out of various 'essential' rooms that i had chosen initially. The process of compling of the said designs took 'slow IQ' me 'almost' two years in my own times.

Very often, I would get up at 3 or 4am and made myself a few cups of hot coffee & had a few smokes and sat on the second floor's balcony where I am still staying now in Bandar when Peaceful surroundings could be felt,i.e., calm and quiet  ( Serenity ) to imagine/predict my future Woodland Rise would be liked while making changes to the designs when ideas arisen and that hopefully by God's willing that it would become REAL one day and the most of all was how to make it become a reality instead of just " angan2 mat zinin" or rather just 'dream' like a monkey hoping to have their own home one day cause they never do !

Well ! like they all said, " NO MAN IS AN ISLAND and GOOD THING COMES TO THOSE WHO WAIT " After compiling the CONfirmed designs, a lovely Filipino female architect was chosen to draw Woodland Rise's home plan and put all my designs to proper scales in accordance to a 0.31 acre of hilly land given to me by my beloved Mum. It was HOWEVER, quite tough for me to persuade a professional architect to follow all of my own design home plans at first BUT luckily I managed to do so. Consequently, earth work was carried out 6 months earlier prior to constructions.

 " STANDARD CHARTERED BANK help me to built My Dream Home" - as Advertised in Borneo Bulletin newspaper......

Finally, 'approved' bank loanssss from STANDARD CHARTERED BANK especially with the 'professional advices' from that particular bank staff ( tq so so much to WINNIE ANG, the Senior Manager at that joins Baiduri Bank Berhad)...Woodland Rise was under construction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the 3 to 5 months construction periods of  Woodland Rise, I was so busy and depressed........... very often,  I had to take sometimes OFF during working hours due to I work in Muara and woodland rise is in Tutong under construction CAUSE the contractor would always called me up when ever he had problems with the home's plan AND I was the designer (not architect) and so I had to go back and briefed the contractor all the way which took me around an hour drive and then back to work again AND went back again after work from Muara to Tutong in order to inspect the progress AND back to Bandar again at night. Sometimes, I was just so exhausted that I fell asleeped when I reached home in Bandar without taking any shower/bath till the next morning..................Luckily, my WORKSHOP MANAGER understood and allowed me to leave the workplace AND I paid back the "OFF" hours THAT I HAD TAKEN by working OVERTIMES after everything had been accomplished !!! I really did so.....

AT FIRST, my ex-wife and my OWN families laughed at me when I told them that I wanted to build my dream home CAUSE I only had a few thousand dollars in my saving account and until TODAY I never blamed them cause I myself had a dream liked a monkey lah as I mentioned earlier.hahahaaaaa....AND also I did mentioned by God's willing hopefully my dream will become a reality if I work very very hard and Prayed to the one and only GOD who created ALL the human beingS and EVERYTHING in this WORLD (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE MY OWN BELIEF CAUSE I NEVER INTERFERE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S BELIEF) from the bottom of my heart THAT hopefully he will LISTEN and HELP me lah........thanks God " WOODLAND RISE " was borned !!!!!!!

"BY HOOK or BY CROOK", ehe3.......all the bank loans in 2001 that were used to build WOODLAND RISE had been paid off in the middle of this year, 2010 instead of 2012 and it is purely my OWN property now...THANKS again GOD !!!........................ Hence, I had decided that since I do not have any children of my own & I intend to be a bachelor for the rest of my life and that there is NO WAY  I can take it with me on my FINAL day and so, a decision has been made by myself to share my dream home with my favourite nephew who is married and has only a Son, with certain AGREEMENTS between us and it is going to be legally stated in due course by an appointed PROFESSIONAL Lawyer to avoid complications in the future cause every coin has two faces. IN OVERALL, whenever I 'disappear' from this complex world, Woodlandrise will automatically belong to my nephew fully rather than partially for the time being  !!!

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